Pro Touch 6-12 ~ “Wireless” EMS/TENS


Introducing HiDow’s patented wireless Pro Touch 6-12. This revolutionary model gives you the core 12 modes for fitness, mobility, and pain relief while allowing you not to be tethered to a machine. The Pro Touch 6-12 can run up to 6 receivers at a time (2 included), allowing for the most efficient treatment without upsetting your regular daily routine.
Are you a runner, RUN WITH IT! Are you a hard worker? WORK WITH IT! Are you at a desk most of your day? TYPE WITH IT! Whatever your lifestyle, the wireless Pro Touch will work, run, and go wherever you need it to while providing state of the art stimulation to relieve pain and increase your body’s performance. Purchase the Pro Touch, and you will know why we call it our revolutionary life changer.

Now you can experience Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) on the go, during any exercise or workout all in the comfort of your own space while wearing any clothing comfortably overtop.

Strategically designed with state of the art medical grade and fitness technology, the Pro Touch Wireless 6-12 moves with your body while still stimulating muscle impulses and targeting nerve receptors.

-1 x Pro Touch Wireless remote
-2 x Wireless receivers
-1 x lower back electrode gel pad
-1 x set of L & 1 x set XL electrode gel pads
-1 x AC Adapter
-2 x USB charging cables
-1 x set of ear clips
-2 x 8? Wires
-1 x User Manual
-1 x Warranty registration card

5? x 2 ½” x ½”

20 in stock

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