A Rain Warrior

Warrior – Definition: A person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill.

Rain Wellness – Definition: A massage therapy clinic offering Registered Massage Therapy with Hydrotherapy applications in a serene ambiance of First Nations decor and cultural offerings. Rain Wellness offers age old remedies a new twist with modern hydrotherapy and healing.

Rain Warrior – Definition:  An individual, having courage to work towards their wellness goals with their Rain Wellness massage therapist. One who is willing to fight the battle against muscle imbalances, pain, and the mental and physical stresses of daily living. Ultimately, a ‘Rain Warrior’ is one who reaches their wellness goal(s), whether it be as simple as reducing stress or rehabilitating a soft tissue injury.

Here at Rain Wellness we have created a unique and fun opportunity to become a “Rain Warrior”.  At Rain Wellness, our patient’s therapeutic goals are truly our top priority from Relaxation and Stress Management to Soft Tissue Rehabilitation.  We have implemented this fun opportunity to become a Rain Warrior and show the world that life can always be made to live better.

Rain Wellness treatment room
Grandmother Moon at Rain Wellness Vernon BC