Family Massage Treatments

Healthy Touch… Healthy Family!

Bring balance to your family through massage.

Sk’wuy “Mother”

Pregnancy Massage
1 hr $125

Pure plant essences and essential oils promote skin and tissue health for our moms-to-be.  While being supported by our special pregnancy cushions, enjoy a full body relaxation massage with focused attention on areas of discomfort.  This luxurious massage is safe during all phases of pregnancy and is great for bringing balance back to mom and baby.

Northern Lights

Elderly Massage
1 hr $110

In Indigenous culture, our Elders represent the Sacred Direction of North which completes the circle of life.  As many seasons pass, our Elder’s experiences grow.  They become enlightened with many years of wisdom; it is evident in every cell of their body.  This massage is for our elderly clientele who experience touch the least yet need it the most.  At Rain Wellness, we will review your health history and eliminate possible contraindications to massage.  We focus our energies on relaxing tense muscles and calming any areas of discomfort.

Warriors of the Rainbow

Children & Youth Therapeutic Massage
1hr $125

Whether it's increased screen time creating posture dilemmas, or the young athlete who subjects their body to muscle exertion, perhaps it's the myriad of environmental stressors causing anxiety and havoc within our children's emotional and mental well-being. Massage helps reduce the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system assisting the body to "let go." A sense of freedom and calm is a welcoming venture as muscles are gently coerced to their natural state and returned to homeostasis. Healthy Touch... Healthy Family!
Youth Massage1