Ice vs Heat

Ice vs Heat treatments?
By using either ice or heat to an affected area, you will be able to help the tissue to return to a healthy state and improve the speed to recovery.  To know when and how to properly use ice or heat please see the following links:  How to Ice / How to use Heat.

Heat benefits:

  • Increase the extensibility of soft tissue
  • Remove toxins from cells
  • Enhance blood flow
  • Increase function of the tissue cells
  • Encourage muscle relaxation
  • Relieve pain
  • There are two types of heat: superficial and deep
  • Superficial heat treatments are surface-based.
  • Deep heat treatments direct the heat toward specific inner tissues through ultrasound or by electro-current.

Ice benefits:

  • Reduce bleeding in tissues
  • Prevent or reduce swelling
  • Reduce muscle pain and spasm
  • Reduce pain by numbing area and by limiting the effects of swelling