Registered Massage Therapy Treatments

Therapeutic Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints.  Massage Therapy helps alleviate the soft tissue discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stresses, muscular over-use, and many chronic pain conditions. All of Rain Wellness’ therapists are registered under the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia and are better known as RMTs (Registered Massage Therapists).  You can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be receiving the absolute safest care possible.

**For treatments other than 60 minutes, please call to make an appointment**

Stress Release Treatments

Basic Therapeutic Massage:

30 min $84   /   45 min $105   /   60 min $125  /   75 min $155   /   90 min $185

After reviewing your health history and assessing symptoms, we treat the affected area using appropriate massage modalities. After your treatment, feel empowered with our great home-care programs and home-care essentials that let you take your healing home with you. This treatment is great for a wide range of symptom management, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Massage therapy treatments at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Indulge Therapeutic Massage

Basic Registered Massage Therapy
1 hr $125

Indulge your senses with hot towels and aromatherapy. This light to moderate pressure treatment is a great way to indulge your body with therapeutic massage modalities assisting with stress management, injury prevention, and soft tissue rehabilitation.

Signature Therapeutic Massage

Custom Registered Massage Therapy
1 hr $142

Receive all the benefits of therapeutic massage and more.  Begin by engaging the senses as you take full deep breaths inhaling the energy of your intentions with your very own custom blended oil using our "intentional app." Now add the healing sensations of Hot Stones to an area of choice and a Hot Towel compress as your therapist uses light to moderate touch massage modalities assisting with stress management, injury prevention and soft tissue rehabilitation
Earth's Touch treatment hot stone massage at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Peaceful Mind

Relaxation & Wellness Massage
1 hr $125

Find yourself drifting away as your therapist diffuses stress with this relaxation-focused treatment. Utilizing entrainment techniques, aromatherapy and warm oils, this treatment is excellent for anyone needing balance in their busy day-to-day life and perfect for full-body wellness, for when the body is in a state of rest, it is able to heal.
Peaceful Mind treatment at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Earth’s Touch

Hot Stone Massage
1 hr $140

Using hot mineralized basalt stones, your therapist is able to reach the deep layers of the body with vascular promoting heat to help warm and relax tight muscles.  Heat is an extremely great way to cause a derivative effect and bring blood to ischemic areas, assisting in trigger-point release.  This treatment is perfect for warming and calming the body.
Hot Stone4

7 Sacred Directions

Stress Release Massage with Energy Infused Aromatherapy
1 hr $160

Restore balance to body and mind while you journey through a sharing of the Indigenous Seven Sacred Directions (a paralleled similarity with the seven chakras). Your therapist applies therapeutic massage techniques while incorporating deep diaphragmatic breathing using Rain’s energy-infused vibrational oils. This treatment is essential for anyone experiencing grief or feeling the symptoms of a stressful lifestyle or in a life transition.
Aromatherapy at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Deep Tissue Treatments

The Grand $1000.

Deep Tissue Massage
1 hr $145

Finally!… Get that Deep Tissue Massage you’ve been looking for. Through experience and “know-how,” your therapist applies knowledge of the neuromuscular system and provides specific techniques to ease those high-tension areas causing havoc. Open communication is key to having this be your most successful treatment ever.
Massage therapy treatments at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

The Four Directions

Myo-fascial Release w/Facilitated Stretching & Massage
1 hr $145

Utilizing fascial techniques, your therapist will help to unadhered structures and unwind the tangled fascia that contributes to muscle imbalances and painful symptoms. The infrared sauna is an excellent complementary treatment to this massage.
Myfascial release at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Wounded Warrior

Localized Contrast Massage
1 hr $179

Repair and renew with a 45-minute deep tissue massage to the affected area using our arnica healing oil. Your RMT then provides a 10-minute contrasting treatment using our warm Vichy Shower and ice to the injured area. Contrasting provides a vascular flush, which improves circulation and aids in tissue healing. A muscle balm is then applied to soothe the affected area. This treatment is excellent for anyone with a localized injury or who needs relief from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness from training hard at the gym or from highly intense competitions.
water room at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

The Tune-Up

Seated Massage Therapy
15 min w/MSP $10 / no MSP $33

Find relief with this clever little “tune-up.” The seated massage allows a no-fuss, keep your clothes on, get the job done bonafide deep tissue massage. Just enough time to make a difference until you can make your way in for a complete treatment, now that’s what we’re talking about.

Detoxifying Treatments

Sacred Rain

Full Body Salt Scrub
1 hr $185 / 1 hr $197*

Ahhh, the Vichy! Invigorate your skin with a full-body herb-infused mineral salt scrub that promotes cleansing, detoxification, and circulation, all while leaving your skin soft, smooth, and revitalized. Your therapist also follows the lymphatic pathways to help clear blockages giving your immune system a boost. Afterwards, experience your new favourite feeling as your body becomes engulfed in the warm and luxurious Vichy downpour. Your therapist finishes with a generous application of moisturizing butter to the entire body. This treatment is excellent for a pre/post day in the sun to soothe dry winter skin and assist in strengthening your immune system during seasonal changes.

*Choose to create your own custom-blended salt scrub with our “Intentional Aromatherapy” app to take into treatment with you. Afterwards, take home a small 2 oz jar of your custom blend and use it in your bath to remind you of your intentions.


Sacred Rain therapy at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Ancestral’ Mud’-icinals

Detoxifying Mud Treatment
1 hr $185 / 1 hr $205*

Mineralized mud has long been a traditional medicine for skin conditions, as well as a powerful detoxifying agent. Your therapist starts with dry brushing a special blend of herbs over the entire body to gently exfoliate and stimulate the skin. Our healing mud is then painted onto the body, and you are wrapped in traditional cradle-board style. Now, find yourself drifting off a million miles away as your therapist introduces a hot moist towel and provides a tension-relieving face, neck, and head massage. A thorough rinse in our “Rain” shower blissfully finishes this treatment.

*Choose to create your own custom-blended body butter with our “Intentional Aromatherapy” app that you can use to apply at the end of your treatment. Afterwards, take home a small 2 oz jar of your custom blend and use it daily to remind you of your intentions.



Mudicincals treatment at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Full Body Cleansing Contrast Treatment
60min = 2X Contrast  /  75min = 3X Contrast  /  90min = 4X Contrast

$155 / $185 / $215

Renew your spirit with this invigorating cleansing treatment! Your therapist starts with dry brushing a special blend of sage-infused herbs over the entire body to gently exfoliate and prepare the skin for detoxification. Using hydrotherapy principles, you are then directed through the infrared sauna and cool shower to begin your contrast treatment, providing a full-body vascular effect. When you enter the cleansing waters, your body will awaken, giving your spirit a cleansing refresh and allowing you to let it all go! H'wa!


Full spectrum sauna at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Mountain Rain Bliss

Rain Wellness’ Detoxifying Health Treatment
1 hr 30 min $265.00pletely blissed out!

The ultimate healing journey! This treatment starts with a full-body herb-infused salt friction treatment under the warm Vichy shower while following the lymphatic pathways to help clear blockages and strengthen your body’s immune system. Healing mud is then painted onto the body, and you are wrapped in a cozy cocoon. While snuggled in, find yourself drifting to a place a million miles away during a tension-relieving head, neck, and face massage. Finish with a rinse in our “Rain” shower, where you can then apply your very own custom blended moisturizing butter and leave feeling completely blissed out!

Family & Other Treatments

Sk’wuy “Mother”

Pregnancy Massage
1 hr $125

Pure plant essences and essential oils promote skin and tissue health for our moms-to-be.  While being supported by our special pregnancy cushions, enjoy a full body relaxation massage with focused attention on areas of discomfort.  This luxurious massage is safe during all phases of pregnancy and is great for bringing balance back to mom and baby.

Northern Lights

Elderly Massage
1 hr $110

In Indigenous culture, our Elders represent the Sacred Direction of North which completes the circle of life.  As many seasons pass, our Elder’s experiences grow.  They become enlightened with many years of wisdom; it is evident in every cell of their body.  This massage is for our elderly clientele who experience touch the least yet need it the most.  At Rain Wellness, we will review your health history and eliminate possible contraindications to massage.  We focus our energies on relaxing tense muscles and calming any areas of discomfort.

Warriors of the Rainbow

Children & Youth Therapeutic Massage
1hr $125

Whether it's increased screen time creating posture dilemmas, or the young athlete who subjects their body to muscle exertion, perhaps it's the myriad of environmental stressors causing anxiety and havoc within our children's emotional and mental well-being. Massage helps reduce the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system assisting the body to "let go." A sense of freedom and calm is a welcoming venture as muscles are gently coerced to their natural state and returned to homeostasis. Healthy Touch... Healthy Family!
Youth Massage1


Autonomous Sensory Meridian ResponseMassage
1hr $150

ASMR is a calming sensory experience in response to stimulation. At Rain Wellness, we not only use a light touch to stimulate the Meisner corpuscles aka corpuscles of touch (think of back tickles), we also incorporate a flattery of techniques that tells a story giving you an experience you’ll just want to share with others. Rain’s sole purpose in providing ASMR is to employ your creativity while engaging the parasympathetic nervous system triggering a relaxation response.

Treatment Enhancements

Infrared Sauna:

30 min $45   /   Pkg of 10 $405

This treatment complements any treatment at Rain Wellness and will help promote deep healing in the body. Utilizing Chromotherapy (light therapy), Acoustic Resonance Therapy (sound therapy), and Near/Mid/Far-infrared rays, is a great way to break down scar tissue and prepare the body for your treatment. A great additional treatment for almost any wellness goal.
Full Spectrum sauna at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Headache Relief

Treatment Enhancement $10

Through assessment, your RMT gains an understanding of your headache type and provides tension-relieving aromatherapy and specific techniques to targeted areas. Dependent on headache type, optional cold or hot towels direct vascular circulation bringing additional relief. This treatment dramatically reduces symptoms and gets you on the right path to relieving future on-sets.

Peaceful Mind treatment at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Face a’Lush

Treatment Enhancement $10

Oooh, Ahhh, melt away stress and tension with a generous, warm face oil application massaged into tired muscles.  A hot towel application allows the healing oil to further soften and relax those overworked facial muscles allowing you to breathe new life into your beautiful smile!

Lymphatic massage at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Rejuvenating Foot, Hand, or Back Treatment

Treatment Enhancement $15

Our feet and hands are vital to our daily living, and this enhancement will leave you feeling Oh So Good! First, we gently exfoliate your choice of either hands, feet, or back to help stimulate circulation. We then massage a moisturizing butter to the area focusing on any troubled areas. Hot towels become a warm welcome as you are now gently wrapped and snuggled into calmness.

Paraffin Wax Treatment

15 min $45/area (Feet, Hands, Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Low Back, Upper Back)

Paraffin is known to relax muscles, increase blood flow, relieve joint stiffness and reduce pain.  People struggling with arthritis, muscle, tendon and ligament ailments, tendonitis, sprains and pulled muscles may find paraffin treatments very soothing and beneficial.  Paraffin, being a natural emollient, will make the skin soft and supple and increase the elasticity and mobility of the skin.