Contrast Hydrotherapy

Contrast hydrotherapy treatment or ‘Contrasting’ involves alternating hot and cold temperatures in a single visit. They can be performed as a whole body or localized treatment to a specific area. Contrasting treatments combine the advantages of heat and cold without their disadvantages

While hot treatments increase circulation, they can also promote congestion and edema. And while cold treatments decrease edema, they also decrease local blood flow and deprive tissues of oxygen and other nutrients.

When hot treatments are combined with cold treatments during a contrast hydrotherapy treatment, local circulation is greatly increased without increasing edema. This of course, make for a perfect treatment to improve tissue healing and recovery.

Contrast Hydrotherapy Treatments

Wounded Warrior

Localized Contrast Massage
1 hr $179

Repair and renew with a 45-minute deep tissue massage to the affected area using our arnica healing oil. Your RMT then provides a 10-minute contrasting treatment using our warm Vichy Shower and ice to the injured area. Contrasting provides a vascular flush, which improves circulation and aids in tissue healing. A muscle balm is then applied to soothe the affected area. This treatment is excellent for anyone with a localized injury or who needs relief from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness from training hard at the gym or from highly intense competitions.
water room at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Full Body Cleansing Contrast Treatment
60min = 2X Contrast  /  75min = 3X Contrast  /  90min = 4X Contrast

$155 / $185 / $215

Renew your spirit with this invigorating cleansing treatment! Your therapist starts with dry brushing a special blend of sage-infused herbs over the entire body to gently exfoliate and prepare the skin for detoxification. Using hydrotherapy principles, you are then directed through the infrared sauna and cool shower to begin your contrast treatment, providing a full-body vascular effect. When you enter the cleansing waters, your body will awaken, giving your spirit a cleansing refresh and allowing you to let it all go! H'wa!


Full spectrum sauna at Rain Wellness Vernon BC