Detoxifying Treatments

Cleansing & Renewing Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the effective and proven use of water and temperature to treat injuries, control pain, and induce deep relaxation. Hydrotherapy enhances blood flow to specific tissues, which improves circulation and cell metabolism. This allows the body to effectively release toxins and waste products, improving tissue healing and recovery.

Many cultures have long used hydrotherapy through the ages with added benefits; unfortunately, in recent times, hydrotherapy has taken a turn down “Luxury Spa Lane” and is now perceived as a luxury-only treatment for those who desire pampering. At Rain Wellness, our Registered Massage Therapists are taking water treatments back, come experience hydrotherapy for yourself and “Invigorate your life!”

Sacred Rain

Full Body Salt Scrub
1 hr $165

Ahhh, the Vichy! Invigorate your skin with a full-body herb-infused mineral salt scrub that promotes cleansing, detoxification, and circulation, all while leaving your skin soft, smooth, and revitalized. Your therapist also follows the lymphatic pathways to help clear blockages giving your immune system a boost. Afterwards, experience your new favourite feeling as your body becomes engulfed in the warm and luxurious Vichy downpour. Your therapist finishes with a generous application of moisturizing butter to the entire body. This treatment is excellent for a pre/post day in the sun to soothe dry winter skin and assist in strengthening your immune system during seasonal changes.

Sacred Rain therapy at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Ancestral’ Mud’-icinals

Detoxifying Mud Treatment
1 hr $165

Mineralized mud has long been a traditional medicine for skin conditions, as well as a powerful detoxifying agent. Your therapist starts with dry brushing a special blend of herbs over the entire body to gently exfoliate and stimulate the skin. Our healing mud is then painted onto the body, and you are wrapped in traditional cradle-board style. Now, find yourself drifting off a million miles away as your therapist introduces a hot moist towel and provides a tension-relieving face, neck, and head massage. A thorough rinse in our “Rain” shower blissfully finishes this treatment.

Mudicincals treatment at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Full Body Cleansing Contrast Treatment
60min = 2X Contrast  /  75min = 3X Contrast  /  90min = 4X Contrast

$155 / $185 / $215

Renew your spirit with this invigorating cleansing treatment! Your therapist starts with dry brushing a special blend of sage-infused herbs over the entire body to gently exfoliate and prepare the skin for detoxification. Using hydrotherapy principles, you are then directed through the infrared sauna and cool shower to begin your contrast treatment, providing a full-body vascular effect. When you enter the cleansing waters, your body will awaken, giving your spirit a cleansing refresh and allowing you to let it all go! H'wa!


Full spectrum sauna at Rain Wellness Vernon BC

Mountain Rain Bliss

Rain Wellness’ Detoxifying Health Treatment
1 hr 30 min $265.00

The ultimate healing journey! This treatment starts with a full-body herb-infused salt friction treatment under the warm Vichy shower while following the lymphatic pathways to help clear blockages and strengthen your body’s immune system. Healing mud is then painted onto the body, and you are wrapped in a cozy cocoon. While snuggled in, find yourself drifting to a place a million miles away during a tension-relieving head, neck, and face massage. Finish with a rinse in our “Rain” shower, where you can then apply your very own custom blended moisturizing butter and leave feeling completely blissed out!