About Rain Wellness

Grandmother Moon at Rain Wellness Vernon BCWhether you’re a local Vernon, BC, resident escaping from your daily routine or on a vacation, Rain Wellness offers a host of massage therapy services to help you balance your mind and body.  At Rain Wellness, our patient’s therapeutic goals are our top priority, from Stress Management, to Soft Tissue Rehabilitation.  You will find more than just another clinical setting;  we have created an environment that is not only healing but also calming and serene.  As soon as one walks through our doors, their parasympathetic nervous system is engaged, allowing the body to begin calming itself right away; this allows a quicker response to relaxation (one of the first steps a massage therapist works on accomplishing before any manual manipulation begins), for when the body is in a state of rest …it heals.

Rain Wellness is an Indigenous-owned business, and we are excited to have incorporated some Indigenous culture within our treatments and business model. We invite you to this safe place to ask questions and learn more.

The foundation of Rain Wellness is based on the circle of the First Nation’s People, symbolizing the renewal of life itself and that there is a necessary cycle for every season or circumstance. The colours of our logo are a balance of the earth’s four elements, and we have named our four treatment rooms after each:  earth, air, fire and water. Our three-person full spectrum sauna and contrasting digital shower were purposely created for full-body contrast treatments simulating the Indigenous Sweat Lodge and a nearby creek, enabling contrasting treatments for cleansing and detoxifying.

Here at Rain Wellness, we proudly bear Grandmother Moon as our mascot.  It is she who influences water elements, the strongest and most powerful of all Earth’s elements.  In Native legend, Grandmother Moon weaved the tides of the ocean and circadian rhythms, allowing life to emerge from the waters.  She created a rhythm to life that, when listened to, brings balance and well-being.  Grandmother Moon teaches us to cleanse, renew, and heal ourselves with water and use life’s sacred breath to revitalize ourselves.  It is with great respect we honour the gifts of Grandmother Moon and her teachings.

At Rain Wellness, we took great consideration into every aspect of our client’s overall experience. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality care during your treatments, followed by effective home-care education to allow you to continue your wellness goals far beyond our clinic.  We invite you to experience Rain Wellness for yourself and Invigorate your Life!