What to expect from your visit

Interior of Rain Wellness Vernon BCPlease arrive only a couple of minutes before your scheduled appointment.  A front office support person may not be available to let you into the clinic early, so we do not recommend coming earlier than your appointment time.  Also, if you would like us to directly bill** your insurance company, you will need to have completed a “Direct Billing Authorization Form” before your appointment.

Rain Wellness offers a calming environment to assist our clients in reaching a deeper state of relaxation. In keeping our serene ambiance, we kindly ask you to please lower your voice with respect to our clientele who may be in treatment and to please attend to your children if they are with you.

Your Registered Massage Therapist will then greet you and take you to the treatment room that has been set up specifically for you. Your therapist will go over your health history and do an assessment to better understand your individual health needs. A plan is created, and treatment begins.

Reception area Rain Wellness Vernon BCFollowing the assessment, the therapist will leave the room, allowing you to get comfortable on the massage table (Removing clothing is not always necessary – SEE OUR FAQs). If you feel uncomfortable disrobing, your therapist can adjust your treatment to make you feel as comfortable as possible. You will always be kept modestly draped during your treatment.  Your therapist will re-enter the room and perform the treatment.  A pain scale will be introduced, enabling your therapist to work within comfortable pressure throughout your massage.  When the therapist is finished, he/she will leave the room, allowing you privacy to dress.

Once you are dressed, your therapist will meet with you again to discuss the treatment and assign necessary home care such as stretches, strengthening, or other home-care remedies. At Rain Wellness, our patients’ wellness goals are truly our top priority, whether it be as simple as relaxation and stress management or soft tissue rehabilitation.  Your Rain Wellness experience is very important to us, and we strive to offer you the best in service, cleanliness, treatment, and atmosphere.  If there is any aspect during your treatment that you are less than happy with, please let us know; we are always open to receiving new ideas and improving your overall experience.

**Please Note: Payment for all treatment, whether private or insured, is ultimately the responsibility of the patient. In cases where we are unable to directly bill, we kindly ask that you pay for your appointment in full. We will then give you a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.