HiDow Spot “Wireless” TENS/EMS Device


HiDow’s Spot Wireless Rechargeable TENS/EMS unit was designed to give you professional strength pain relief without the hassle of wires so that you can enjoy a pain-free experience on the go.

There are 4 preset modalities to choose from!

You may use the HiDow Spot for its TENS as well as EMS frequencies: i.e., chronic and acute pain relief and muscular recovery, in most areas of the body:

– Back, Hip and Abdomen
– Joints
– On muscular and bony areas
– For ligaments and tendons

Perfect for professional strength drug-free pain relief on the go. 

Included in this package:
– 1x Wireless TENS/EMS device
– 2x Single-Sided Adhesive Electrode Pads: 1 SPARTAN, 1 BUTTERFLY-lumbar.
– 1x USB Cable for Charging
– Quick Start Guide and User Manual

* The Spot is compatible with all our electrode pads.

**Please note that the device needs to be applied to the skin before powering on. A special safety feature prevents the intensity from being turned up when it does not detect full contact with the skin.

Replacing your Electrode Pads
When your electrode pads no longer stick to the skin or you feel the intensity settings of your electrode pads change, it may be time to replace your electrode pads. HiDow offers electrode pads in all sizes ranging from small to large to give any part of your body relief. All of our electrode pads are compatible with any HiDow TENS/EMS device, so you can mix and match electrode pads to find the ones that fit your needs the best.

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