Specialized or Energetic Kinesiology includes a number of different modalities. Treatments at Rain Wellness include Touch For Health, Stress Indicator Point System and Brain Formatting.

Touch For Health

Touch For Health is a comprehensive holistic system of health care that was developed by Dr. John Thie, a chiropractic doctor in the 1970s.  Touch For Health draws from Applied Kinesiology and the Chinese meridian system and was conceived of by Dr. Thie as a means for paraprofessionals and lay people to use muscle testing to support positive changes in physical, emotional and mental states. Touch For Health involves the facilitation and inhibition of muscles, acupressure touch, and visualizations to restore the flow of energy through the acupressure vessels, or meridian pathways in the body.

Touch for Health is effective for:

  • Stress reduction
  • Goal setting (weight loss, attitudes, etc.)
  • Balancing to goals and affirmations
  • Physical, emotional and mental pain control
  • Balancing with food (check which foods enhance and inhibit our energy, and foods to balance specific meridians)
  • Balancing for digestion
  • Emotional stress release for past trauma
  • Postural stress relief

“My left arm was in excruciating pain. I couldn’t move it certain ways; for example it hurt to change clothes, brush my hair, even to walk, and I gave one armed hugs to avoid the pain. The pain had literally buckled me down in tears. Natalie worked on me, I was skeptical but open-minded. Just after my session I threw on my jacket and it didn’t hurt. There was no pain.”

Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS)

SIPS is a Specialized Kinesiology modality that enables us to accurately identify the type and force of stress by accessing the acupoints in the body. SIPS was created in 1992 by Ian Stubbings, in association with Dr Charles Krebs, when he discovered that “certain acupoints had a special significance in relation to particular types of stress.” SIPS allows us to identify stress at the lower and higher physical, emotional, mental levels, and to release any resistance to restored energy flow.  For more information, please visit: sipskinesiology.org

SIPS is extremely effective to identify and release:

  • Resistance to hydration
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Stress in muscle, tendon, ligament, nervous system, adrenals, lymphatic etc.
  • Electromagnetic switching
  • Emotional stress (attitudes, thoughts and feelings) by intensity and in relation to aspects in your life
  • Imbalances in gut emotions and pain of memory
  • Brain development stress
  • Stress held at the atomic and sub-atomic level
  • Blocked and locked states
  • Unconscious, subconscious, conscious and superconscious state stress
  • Mental gestalt and logic state stress
  • Stress in the knee and hip joints

Natalie first worked on me when I was very depressed and feeling hopeless. I set a goal to gain clarity about my life path. After my session I could see more clearly what I needed to do to be happier, and I found the capacity to take care of myself.

Brain Formatting

Brain Formatting was developed by Hugo Tobar, founder of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute, to access and release stress on the neurological system. Brain Formatting uses muscle testing to determine imbalances that exist within various areas within the brain. Corrections are then applied that can support you to experience:

  • Enhanced learning (reading, writing, mathematics)
  • Improved memory, concentration and motivation
  • Reduced compulsive behaviours
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced coordination
  • Control of involuntary movements
  • Reduce chronic fight/flight reactions
  • Enhance performance
  • Overcome emotional problems (anxiety, frustration, aggression)

My nine-year old son was recently diagnosed with autism. Natalie was able to identify issues that create more stress for him on a daily basis, some of which I was not aware. My son really enjoys his sessions with Natalie and, at home he uses the self-care techniques that he has learned during his sessions.”

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a gentle system of healing that corrects emotional imbalance by flooding negative emotions with the positive vibrations that are produced from the essences of flowers. Gentle muscle testing will enable our Specialized Kinesiology practitioner to create the right Bach Flower Remedy blend to support your goals. Bach Flower Remedies are grouped under the following seven main categories: fear, uncertainty, oversensitivity to influences, despondency and despair, over care for the welfare of others, insufficient interest in current circumstances, and loneliness.

*Bach Flower Remedies may be available for purchase at an additional cost.