Many people have a misconception that RMT’s (Registered Massage Therapists) only do soft tissue rehabilitative massage, the kind of treatment you would seek after an injury or whiplash. Lucky for you, this is not the case. A goal we should all have in mind is the proper management of our daily stresses and injury prevention. At Rain Wellness, our therapists understand the importance of such treatments and would hope to see a patient for maintenance and stress management rather than to see them for an injury that could have been prevented.

Relaxation or wellness massage is definitely the right answer for such a task. Here at Rain Wellness we offer several different treatments that are relaxation-focused to reduce the effects of physical, mental, or emotional stress on the body. Studies have shown that untreated stress can manifest itself as an injury that could have been prevented or a body that suffers chronic pain because it hasn’t learned to “let go”.

You’re in good hands 🙂 If during any relaxation treatment, you feel an area could use more work, then your Registered Massage Therapist is knowledgeable about the physiology of the body to help combat the “problem area” before any real problems arise. You can rest assured that by seeing your Rain Wellness RMT whether it be for relaxation massage or for rehabilitation, that you will be getting the highest quality care for your overall wellness; it’s what we went to school for!