Angeline Chillihitzia, RMT

Angeline is a Master in her line of work, and it shows in her art as a therapist.  She is a skilled and gifted RMT who brings a sense of intuition into her treatments.  Immediately feel comfortable as she teaches you how to communicate effectively in the treatment room.  You will sense the genuineness of her care as she treats each patient independently without the “mundane massage routine” model.

Gain insightful knowledge as you feel yourself reconnect body, mind, and spirit to better manage stress and rehabilitate those areas causing havoc.  Angeline’s goal is to help her clients reach a new state of well-being. “I use many modalities in my treatments depending on individual circumstance or client goal, and I especially love intuitive healing. Really, my favourite modality is what works for you, be it Neuromuscular Therapy and Deep Tissue Work or even the dance of a beautiful relaxation massage”.

“I especially have a passion for water and the power it brings into a treatment. I have combined age old First Nations remedies with modern Hydrotherapy for a therapeutic experience like no other. I believe that when the body is in a state of rest it heals… and these principles being key in the whole creation of Rain Wellness and to successful treatments!”

“When not working… my other passions include gifted time with my elders, traditional gathering of foods and medicines, gardening, and last but not least… I love, love, love those special moments shared with my amazing children and loving family! I look forward to serving you. W’ay”